Henry Hudson Dreams and Obsession: Kindle Edition

Henry Hudson Dreams and Obsession: The Tragic Legacy of the New World’s Least Understood Explorer  (Kindle Edition)

Now available, the revised Second Edition of “Henry Hudson Dreams and Obsession” by Corey Sandler, for the Amazon Kindle. You can read the book on a Kindle device, or in a Kindle App on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Was Henry Hudson one of the boldest explorers of all time, or merely an accidental tourist who stumbled into history?

Was he the world’s worst ship’s captain, master of four failed expeditions, enabler of at least three mutinies, which ultimately led to his own death at the hands of his crew?

Was he secretly spying for the British while sailing for the Dutch?

In a fascinating mixture of history, travel essay, and politics, Corey Sandler tracks down the Henry Hudson that time has forgotten.

Using Hudson’s journals and logbooks as his guidebook, Sandler retraced all four of the captain’s known voyages: to the top of the world near the North Pole, to Virginia and New York, and ulitmately deep into the wilderness of the Canadian subarctic.

Updated for the Kindle and for Kindle apps on Android and Windows and other devices, including a selection of photographs.

Bestselling author Corey Sandler has been a storyteller all his life. He began as a reporter for a small-town daily newspaper and went on to cover two national presidential campaigns and become a newsman for The Associated Press.

He has written more than 150 books on history, sports, travel, computers, and business; several of his titles have become national bestsellers. He has appeared as a guest on NBC’s “Today” show, CNN, National Public Radio, and The Travel Channel.

For the past decade, Sandler has also traveled the world as a destination and special interest lecturer for a luxury cruise line. He has passed the century mark on countries visited, with no intention of retiring his passport.

An accomplished photographer, Sandler illustrates his books and lectures with pictures taken in some of the most famous and most obscure places on earth.

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