Remembering Judie Abbott

By Corey Sandler, Silversea Destination Consultant

With sadness, and fondness, we remember Judie Abbott.

I worked with and treasured Judie as a friend through her career at Silversea.

For a decade, she was the grande dame of Silversea, a cruise director–and friend–without compare. Before coming to Silversea she was a queen of Cunard and at the start of her career a most talented leading lady of the West End in London.

She took her name Judie Abbott from her breakthrough character on stage. Judie Abbott, not Judy Abbott. She used her real name only for the tax man.

If you seek her measure, consider this: amongst most of the crew and many guests and friends, she was known as Mother.

The seven seas feel empty without her.

London Thames Tower Bridge Jul16 2013-6285

Judie Abbott on the Thames. Photo by Corey Sandler