1 February 2015
 Santarém, Brazil

By Corey Sandler, Destination Consultant Silversea Cruises

A Santarém and Maica Lake Gallery.

BLOG Amazon River 31Jan2015-9516

Sunset on the Amazon River between Macapa and Santarém

BLOG Amazon River 31Jan2015-9512

The Meeting of the Waters: the Amazon and the Tapajos

BLOG Santarem Maica 01Feb2015-9532

Santarém and Maica Lake

BLOG Santarem Maica 01Feb2015-9590

BLOG Santarem Maica 01Feb2015-9593

BLOG Santarem Maica 01Feb2015-9586

Fishing for Piranha: We caught several, which is better than the other way around

BLOG Santarem Maica 01Feb2015-9578

BLOG Santarem Maica 01Feb2015-9581

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