By Corey Sandler

The handsome city of Bergen reverted to form this morning, with dark skies and drizzle.

But we shall not forget yesterday, 13 March, when a bright yellow orb crossed perfect blue skies.

Friday March 15 was a more typical Bergen winter day with rain, drizzle, fog, snow, and a cold wind. (In summer it’s quite different: rain, drizzle, fog, sometimes warm.)

Viking Sky at the dock, seen through the fog from the top of Mount Fløien

The historic Bryggen trading kontor of the Hanseatic League, seen from behind, a view often missed by tourists

An alleyway of Bryggen

Most of the historic 15th through 18th century structures of Bryggen were marked with animal or other symbols to help identify them to illiterate traders and merchants 

As we depart Bergen to head north to near the top of Norway, we hope for clear skies and active solar winds as we sally forth once again in search of the Northern Lights. I hope you will follow me here in these pages.

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