18 September 2015
Monte Carlo, Monaco: The Gem of the Côte d’Azur

By Corey Sandler, Destination Consultant Silversea Cruises

Monaco has (almost, depending on your particulars) all the ingredients for adult fantasy.

A seven-hundred-year monarchy in a country smaller than New York City’s Central Park.

The romance and heartbreak of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.

The other royal wedding of 2011, between the playboy prince and a lovely and nervous Olympian bride.

A prestigious Formula One automobile race through its winding streets.

A major tennis tournament.

A major jewel heist by the Pink Panther gang, still unsolved.

Sandy beaches, spectacular yachts, don’t-ask-the-price shops, don’t-look-at-the-bill restaurants, and a fabled casino where—in our mind’s eye, at least, the men are all dressed in tuxedos and the women are dressed to kill.

And us.

Monte Carlo Sandler1

Monte Carlo SANDLER 0621-1

Monte Carlo SANDLER 0617-1

For those guests leaving us here, we wish you safe travels.

We’re headed out on a cruise that will follow the south coast of France, then venture south the lovely island of Mallorca, and then return the mainland at the remarkable city of Valencia and the even-more-remarkable grand city of Barcelona.

Here’s our plan:

v2527 Voyage Map

Welcome aboard!

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